About us

Purely Baby is a  New Zealand operated company based in  Hawke’s Bay business with 20+ years’ experience in manufacturing wet wipes for hospitals and healthcare applications.  Over the years we have been asked many times to use our expertise to produce a soft, safe, quality baby wipe that is also affordable for the average Kiwi family and business.

We sat down with our UK Chemists and asked them to develop a formula for a baby wipe which had the following criteria:
• the maximum level of purified water as possible.
• free from Alcohol, Soap, Fragrance, Parabens, Sulphates or Phthalates.
• a preservative which was biodegradable and kept the wipe free of bacteria for the whole shelf life.
• completely safe on a newborn’s sensitive skin.

Once developed, we had them tested on sensitive skin by the Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation in Milan, Italy.  The results were everything we had hoped for and they passed with flying colours – the Purely Baby Aqua+ water wipes were born.

We are extremely excited to add the Purely baby Eco-friendly Aqua+ Bamboo water wipes to our range.  The bamboo is sustainably sourced from existing plantations without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers and they fully compost in under 3 months.

Aqua+ water wipes, in our opinion are the best baby wipes on the market today.  They are larger than most, thick, maintain moisture to the last wipe and, importantly, are exactly what they say on the pack!

Purely Baby also offers a range of dry wipes which contain no chemicals and a biodegradable option has been introduced.