Meet the team

Welcome to the family!

We’re a team of like minded parents. Between us we have 15 kids so know from first hand experience what it’s like to be in the trenches of nappies, lack of sleep and all the joys of early parenting. We wanted to not only create amazing, high quality products but also keep them affordable for everyone. Below is a bit more about us but also we’d love to see you join us on social media. 

Kate and the team X

Meet Kate​: Company Director

Why you love working at Purely Baby and ThinkWise: No two days are the same!  I can be flying up to Auckland meeting distributors one minute or sitting on the floor putting together Starter Packs the next!  My favourite part of it all though is the personal relationship we have with our customers.  I love the fact, that if anyone needs to follow up an order, or ask us a specific question, we offer that personalised, Kiwi to Kiwi service.  Meeting all the babies and new parents and caregivers at the Expos and sharing their excitement and helping guide them with informed, safe choices is the best!

What you miss most about early parenthood (or don’t!): I’ve enjoyed all stages of my two boys’ development but I still think those early years were by far the hardest!  We were miles away from family support and living rurally – at times, I would have given anything for a Sunday lie in!!

The best advice you were given as a new mum: Each baby is different and perfect as they are so take time to get to know, and attune to, the unique rhythms of your new little baby – give up any preconceived expectations or ideas about how a baby ‘should’ be. 

What’s your number 1 tip for any new parent: You cannot spoil a baby.  Give them patience, understanding and love – this is how they learn to do this for themselves and others 😊

Meet Kylee : Administration

Why you love working at Purely Baby and ThinkWise: Its great working for a locally owned company,  in a small team of like-minded people – who all like a laugh and a bit of banter, usually fuelled by great coffee from our neighbours at Hawthorne Coffee!  Its also always lovely to have a chat with customers when the opportunity arises and feel like we’re all helping to deliver them a quality, good value product and experience with us all…. And awesome to see some cute baby pic’s from them every so often.

What you miss most about early parenthood (or don’t!):  From looking at the photo of my sons looking adoringly at their baby sister – I would say I miss that kind of sibling love….definitely less adoration from the teenage boys for their tweenie sister nowadays!  In fact, when I suggested they might like to re-create this photo as a Mother’s Day present for me – I received 3 very prompt responses – very much a ‘hard no’ from all 3.  One day, hopefully!

The best advice you were given as a new mum:  very hard to remember, as it all seemed to pass in a blur –in hindsight,  I certainly appreciated my mum’s quiet, background support and her not pointing out where I was going wrong! Lucky me I know and the kids survived!

What’s your number 1 tip for any new parent:  probably that any stage you are currently struggling with, will definitely pass  and you’ll wonder why it seemed such a big deal at the time – still trying to apply that to teenagers too, sometimes less successfully than others 😊

Meet Tamsyn​: Design and Marketing

Why you love working at Purely Baby and ThinkWise: I love the fact they’re a small local company and they create products I’m proud to be a part of –products I use with my own family daily! I’m lucky to work at home around my two boys and working with people who understand the juggle of school holidays, little ones being unwell and don’t mind at all when I need to bring my boys in for meetings. In saying that, I do enjoy coming into the office too!

What you miss most about early parenthood (or don’t!): The newborn snuggles! When I first had Grayson my obstetrician told me that it never stops being magical and every stage is wonderful, and it’s absolutely true. Even though I’ll soon have both boys at Primary School this new stage is just as wonderful as those first moments. One thing I don’t miss is having broken night’s sleep every night! The sleep deprivation was hard!

The best advice you were given as a new mum: Go with your instincts and fed is best. 

What’s your number 1 tip for any new parent: Try not to take on board too much of what you see online. Our generation of parents are bombarded with information on everything from sleep, feeding, interacting with your children, working, and the list goes on. If you do what works for your baby and your family to keep everyone happy and healthy that’s the most important thing. And also look after yourself. Mum’s need a bit of time out and pampering too!